Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Even the Carolinas have Lushes

Sorry for the long hiatus fellow lushes, but I have been out and about drinking-in all that the world has to offer, and I have stumbled across some serious gems in the most unexpected places.  Introducing The Umstead Hotel and Spa.

Sit down in the art-gallery-style lighting, cozy up to the corporate locals and drink down a martini or 5. The Cucumber Lime and Basil Honey martinis are so refreshing and perfectly balanced, that before you know it, 5 or 6 have slipped down your throat and that random guy in the button down is starting to look really good.  So you stumble on out past the Murano glass sculptures and modern furnishings to the front door, assuming that with such luxe surroundings you must be at the hottest downtown hotel bar.

But wait, bleary-eyed from that 7th beverage, you look around and realize that all you see are trees not cabs and lights. Crickets not honking horns and drunken party-goers. With all this city-hopping, bar-crawling and smack-talking, it is incredibly easy to get confused and forget where you are.

"What? Where am I? Holy shit! I am in Cary, North Carolina?! How did I end up here?" 
Well, Lush, you ask yourself that way too often. Maybe you should cut back on the booze, but until then, it doesn't matter how you got there, just that it was a great place to be.

So if you find yourself in the Raleigh-Durham area and in need of a seriously amazing cocktail and some big city luxury, get your ass over to Herons at the The Umstead. Just remember, get a designated driver or limo since you can't stumble home (unless you booked a hotel room there. Just sayin'....)

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