Friday, October 22, 2010

The Hangover- Vegas at 30

Hey Kids! My crew and I just hit the up the Las Vegas Strip last weekend in celebration of two 30th birthdays. Now it certainly isn't our first time at that rodeo but there were a few new things that we found that I felt like sharing. For anyone who knows me, you already know that my favorite place to be is the Hard Rock. If you are heading out to Sin City anytime soon, you must check out the new addition there including my new favorite dance club Vanity. The crowd was far less douchey than LAX, the music and decor rocked and the clientele were some of the hottest in town. When you are done shakin' it in the gogo cage, head over to Wasted Space for great mash-ups from the DJ in cool rocker lounge setting.

We must be getting more mature because that was the least crazy we have ever gotten in Vegas. Next time, hopefully it won't rain so we can actually get wild at one of the pool parties like Mandalay's Moorea beach club, Wet Republic at MGM or Rehab (if it's in season).

I don't think I had enough time on the west coast this trip...have to let it ride again soon. We didn't lose any of our friends or lose any teeth, so it wasn't quite like the Hangover, but we DID however see Mike Tyson (sans tiger) so that's something. :)

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