Friday, February 25, 2011

How to do the Left Coast right!

Hey party people! I am taking a break from my lush life this Friday evening to recover from a fabulous long weekend with my ol' college crew and brutal red-eye flight. I did LA, SF and the I-5 drive in between but this time I was determined to get out of my routine and hit up some new spots. (For my usual West Hollywood game plan, go to the LA tab)

Ok in all fairness I did hit a few of my favorite haunts in WeHo, mainly because I had to sample some of my favorite grub before returning to NYC: The Rainbow's Chicken Soup, In n Out Burger (animal style!), and the BEST hot wings ever at Barney's Beanery. (oh for a guide to the secret ways of ordering at In n Out click here )

Always the down side to LA is the distance between bars but there are ones out there worth the trip/fun enough to be a destination. Thanks to my friends I got out to Echo Park for the first time in ages and to a great divey-gem called Short Stop.  With dark brown-paneled atmosphere, pool table, Pac-man, beer signs, photo booth and $2 PBR, you have everything you need for a cheap, fun night out with a hipster twist. Ok, almost everything - plaid shirt not included. I wish I was feeling more in the dancing mood since the DJ was spinning all the hits and the dance floor was slammin' all the way to 2am!

So another down side to being in Cali is how early everything closes but for those in the know, head to a  Knights Inn in KoreaTown and look to the left.  Don't say I never did anything for ya... 

Until next time, lushes.
Go to the SF tab to see my brand new entries on the Bay Area.


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