Monday, March 14, 2011

New Yorkers say "Thank You" with beer not flowers...

So today I stumbled across the greatest/weirdest gift delivery NYC has to offer (as for as I know). It is called Thanks, Bro because guys and badasses don't like to "say it with flowers" I guess. Instead you can send your friend a thank you care package of your choice of beef jerky and a six-pack beer. There are not many options but if you really want to say thanks you can get the the best buffalo jerky delivered in a Yankees hat paired with premium imported beer like Guinness or Sapporo OR my personal fave the "Fuck You, Bro" which is a sixer of Natty Light and Slim Jims in a plastic bag.  There is also a "Your a sissy, Bro" care package that has turkey jerky, non-alcoholic beer and a sappy thank you card fro Duane Reade.
I know this is targeted towards guys, but I must say that I woudn't mind getting one of these. I mean what woman wouldn't want meat and booze? (ok except vegetarians and people in AA, but if you are in AA you should NOT be reading this blog. )

Move over 1800-flowers....

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