Monday, January 23, 2012

Adventures in Williamsburg: We found more than just Hipsters

Hello lushes. I know what you may be thinking...Billyburg? "I don't need a list of places to drink PBR and whine about how Foster the People got too mainstream for you. Take your ironic Cosby sweater and shove it LushLife". BUT WAIT!  The area has a lot to offer that is not over-run with the cool kids who cramp your ability to enjoy your poison.

Here is a list of LushLife's favorite finds. Black-frame glasses and Cosby sweaters not required.

1. Nitehawk Cinema: I recently went on a date here. A midnight Jackie Chan movie with an attractive man in the seat next to me is usually enough to make an awesome night, but add in a dinner-theater setting, cocktails and a full menu, and it is quickly my new favorite place. They don't come by often to check on you once they give you an order, so you may want to double up on the beverage, or tie a few on at the sultry bar downstairs.

2. Rosemary's Greenpoint Tavern: Jukebox. Christmas lights all year round. Massive 32 oz Styrofoam cups of Bud Light for $4. What else needs to be said?

3. The Lovin' Cup Cafe , We were really excited when we thought this was the first "Extreme Brunch" in the BK to make the blog, but when we sat down we were told that the "unlimited drinks" sign outside was false. It's actually 3 drinks and an entree for $15 which is a great deal, but still, not extreme. The bloody marys are spicy and thick and the cream cheese stuffed french toast is killer! Also, if you check in on Foursquare they bring you a free plate of tater tots! So -2 points for false advertising and +1 for the tots.

4. The Levee on Berry and N. 3rd Jagerbombs, cheap drinks, pinball and tons of free cheesy poofs. This is a great dive especially for when you need to clean your palate from all the locally-made/socially conscience/organic/cool/obscure fare. Sometimes we just want to drink some booze and most of that time we don't want that booze to have a social agenda. 

5. Directly across the street from Levee is Radegast Hall & Biergarten. For NYC, this place is downright gigantic. Big expansive spaces, big tables, big steins of craft beer and big sausages. Size matters at this place for sure.

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  1. Thanks for giving my fav places a good write up. Jagerbombs.