Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life in the Fab Lane. How did I get here?

Accompanying my friend around NYC for his birthday I got a peek into a day in the life of a far better connected New Yorker. Hanging around his famous boss after Nobu, then drinks with a celeb author at The Carlyle then I get swept up on in the rest of his plans that included sashaying about town from one cocktail to the next. 
Somewhere in my bleary evening haze, as we dashed off to find one of his designer friends (really?!) I came across the best drinks I have had in AGES! 
Sort of like an Arnold Palmer for adults, Hudson Clearwater's "Duchess" drink is phenomenal and refreshing! You can not taste the gin and instead you are intoxicated by the Earl Grey Tea, sugar and Lemon. 
If I wasn't already spinning by this bizarre Page Six alternate universe I was in, as I knocked back another Duchess, The Queen Of Hostesses strolls in. What up Martha?! 
Beer me. 

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