Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Just in time for Easter: Drinks with your PEEPS

Yes, that is meant to mean drinks that you ave with your peeps/friends but also the candy we love to hate/hate to love: marshmallow Peeps!

The Easter Bunny always brings a bunch of sugar-crusted Peeps, but since rarely do people want to eat them all, we need to come up with something better to do with  aside from letting them get stale or blowing them up in the microwave.

BEHOLD!! A wonderful site called PeepDrinks.com gives you a number of boozy, candy-tasting ways to enjoy Peeps like an adult. If nothing else this site also provides some laughable and awesome drink names. I really wish I could roll up to a bar a truly order a Long Island Iced Peep!!

They have Peep-a-ritas, Peep-tinis, and even shots like The Peep Eraser, that calls for :

  • 2 oz vodka
  • 1 oz KahlĂșa
  • 1 oz club soda
  • 1 reckless peep

The Peep Eraser

SO this Sunday, get drunk on Peeps with your own reckless peeps...just don't become a peeper after getting tipsy!!

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